About this website.

This website is about us, everyday people, creating interesting and spiritual paths to historic Christian and Jewish religious sites throughout the United States. Paths for hiking, biking, RVing or simply driving your car.

Sometimes we need a little spiritual recharging, and for those who have the time and the means, traveling to historic sites can be refreshing, as well as truly interesting.

Why historic sites?

A while back I watched a movie staring Martin Sheen titled "The Way". I thought to myself, where are our walking trails like this here in America? Where are our Pilgrimages? We have serious hiking trails such as the Triple Crown of Hiking, the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail. And there are many trails in parks and around various cities, but where are our spiritual paths. Our country is old enough to have some serious history associated with our religious buildings. So let's find the way.

The goal of this website is to allow everyday people to create these new trails, create starting points, workout the best and most interesting road routes, find landowners that will allow thru traffic from hikers, and sharing information about places to stay, from motels, to RV Parks, to Monasteries, state parks, to camping in a kind landowners field (with permission of course).

Not all "trails" have to be hiking trails, biking is also a fun way to travel. And some folks might not be up to long walks, so RVers and car cruisers, find and share highway and county road trails.

Now get out there and make a way.


American Long Distance Hiking Association - West:
Triple Crown Award