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Can you create an interesting Church Trail? Well yes, of course you can. And when finished you can either post post it here for free or contact us with the route and we can add it to the Church Trails page. And it's your trail, so you get to name it.

Note: If you would like credit for the share, please let us know, and to protect your privacy, please tell us how you would like to be acknowledged (ex: John from Maine).

Creating an inspiring Church Trail, may be quite easy, depending on the location. There are already hundreds of hiking trails, bike paths, backroads and highways criss-crossing our great America. A new Church Trail could be created simply by incorporating some existing trails or roads into a path leading to a historic church, synagogue or other religious site. There are designated hiking paths just about everywhere. Further down this page are some sources to help you located these established trails.

With hiking trails, where a trail comes close to a town, the trail could be modified. For example, the hugely popular AT Trail - Appalachian Trail, from Georgia north to Maine (maps), could be used and combined with a newly created off-shoot path to a historic religious site somewhere along the east coast.

There are many historic roads, such as the original Route 66 from Chicago, IL all the way to Los Angles, CA. This route could be used for creating a hiking, biking, or a motor vehicle trail to reach San Miguel Chapel in Sante Fe, NM, considered the oldest church in the continental U.S. A road such as this would need notations about the availability of water for hikers and bikers, as parts of Route 66 cross arid parts of the county. But that is part of the fun of creating a trail, exploring it and then letting people know what they can find along the way, and with Route 66 there is a lot of history to absorb while traveling to a destination historic religious site.


Sources to Help You Create Church Trails:

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Religious Pilgrimages in other countries for ideas and inspiration.

This is in England, but might serve as an example. The Sykes family restored many churches and people travel to visit these various churches. Sykes Churches Trail - WikiVisually.

6 Spiritual Adventures to Challenge the Mind and Body - National Geographic.

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Hiking trail – Churches and monasteries on National Park Pelister - (Republic of Macedonia)

Then there is the very famous church trail in Spain, the Camino de Santiago Trail (which can begin in France).

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Inspirational Stories.


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